Work in Progress/Processes

I’ve painted the background for the portrait of my friend that I am making.


I made two. The smaller one is for testing, so that nothing could go wrong.


Only. . . I used oil paint on a thick paper. Yes, oil paint – thinly applied. For some reason, I feel like this will work. I’ve tried oil paint on paper before, well, on cardboard – the one used for packing boxes, corrugated cardboard. The thing can hold the oil paint good, maybe as long as it’s only thinly applied, like I always do. So I figured, I’ll do it here, on thick watercolor paper.

I’m going to use soft pastels for my friend’s portrait. I’ve used soft pastels and oil paint together before and it worked perfectly (I’m going to post it here as soon as I finished digitally fixing some scratches – it got scratched when we moved), but I used a thin layer of plywood -that I just picked up- as canvas.

So, because I used oil paint, and it takes really long to dry, I just let it dry the whole day. I think I can touch it again tomorrow.

Oh, yesterday I didn’t get to blog (despite my promise to myself that I will, each and every day) because I wasn’t feeling exactly well. Also I was working on something for a project a friend and I am currently preparing.


Studies, Work in Progress/Processes

I was never really good at perspective. I remember, back in college, I was one of the students with the lowest grades, we had to make some extra work..
I said yesterday that I am gonna study my friend’s face more, and so I did. . .


Her face was a bit angled upward, and the chin and mouth were closest to the camera (it’s a selfie), so, I find it a but tricky. I found myself restudying perspective and foreshortening –two aspects of drawing that I was always bad at. I wanted it to look exactly like her. I get so anxious again.
Well, I’m still not done yet because I am busy doing other things. I’m also working on some other things, but I’ll reveal that when it’s done. 😀

Studying. . .

Studies, Work in Progress/Processes

. . . my friend’s face.

I had promised to make her a portrait years ago. She had given me the photo reference years ago. I was bad at keeping promises because I tend to be easily distracted. But now her birthday is coming and so I really gotta do this because I’m gonna give it to her as a present.


just practicing.

And so earlier today I’m examining her face and making out the proportions. Right now it looks nothing like her. But it will. After that I just rested my hands because these days my hands tend to feel numb. Probably because I force myself to draw every single day for the sake of practice. . . or because I always forget to take my daily vitamins and I don’t eat enough nutritious food for my nerves. I need to take care of myself -most importantly my eyes and hands – better. Any tip would be great. I gotta Google some health stuff that I need. 😛