An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 3: The Lost Boy

An Artwork A Day, Berkeley Watercolor Pad 270mmx380mm 1, Featured, Paintings

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 3: The Lost Boy

Okay, I did not make this today, I just finished it today.
I made this last year (March 13) and I promised myself to finish it the next day but I guess, like many things, I forgot. I have left about a ton of unfinished artworks over the years (maybe it’s possible I have ADD? that might explain it.) so I guess I’ll finish some to post for my “An Artwork A Day” thing. Because I also promised myself to finish each one. That’s hitting two birds with one stone, right?

I used gouache on cream-colored watercolor paper. It’s the first time I used gouache, I hope it doesn’t look so bad.

I think I painted this back when I’ve just seen the movie “Where The Wild Things Are“. At the same time, I thought of Peter Pan‘s friends, the Lost Boys (that’s what they called themselves, right?). I didn’t have a reference for this. I just imagined a face. It ended up looking a bit familiar: it kind of looked like my old classmate, and a little like the Filipino actor, Piolo Pascual. . . or maybe I’m imagining things. If ever I’m not imagining things, those similarities are purely coincidental.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 2

An Artwork A Day, Berkeley Watercolor Pad 270mmx380mm 1, Fashion

gold dress 1

I thought of this design years ago, I had sketched it roughly back then.

I was thinking of how to make a woman’s hips fuller. I was thinking of my mother’s hips –which I think is so narrow. heehee.

I used gold, brown, and white poster paint on cream-colored watercolor paper.

*clarification: this is a one-piece dress. not two piece (the colors faded when I scanned it. *facepalm*). It just so happens that I did not color the skin part, and the trunk part of the dress was supposed to be cream in color.

The Tribe, The Beads and The Twenties

Berkeley Watercolor Pad 270mmx380mm 1, Contest Entries, Fashion
-watercolor, ink, colored pencil on paper
-my entry for Marie Claire and Instituto Europeo di Design -Barcelona’s Fashion Illustration Contest
(unfortunately I didn’t win. :P)
-I designed the dress and I my reference for the shoes is this: