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I just noticed, I’ve been getting a lot of invites this year. . . from different sites who want me to join their site.

Recently (well, last November 10),

I was messaged through my Behance account by someone who works at a Japanese startup company who launched a new project which is an “online platform for artists and designers to discover and interact with creative individuals and companies”. . .

She was inviting me to join in as well.

But isn’t that like Behance too?

I already have that. Besides Behance, I also tried:

  • Cargo Collective – I’ve made an account when it was still free for everyone
  • Coroflot -heard about the unlimited storage space thing… back then Behance had a storage limit. Oh my gosh. I just checked their site just now. New members have to apply to join because their content is now curated. Thank God I got in before they changed the rules.
  • TouchTalent – I forgot how I ended up creating an account here. But wow, I actually have 124 followers there, that’s significantly more than my Behance followers or even my Deviantart followers, I think. hahaha
  • Dropr – I got invited once. Beautiful interface. Storage limitations is a bummer.
  • Nabaroo – the time I got invited it was only invite-only. I don’t know now. What I can remember is that the upload speed is a bit slow.
  • Nace – looks very high class. . . but it won’t remove the “not available for hire” label unless I upgrade. . . and upgrading will make me pay a fee every month, so I quit.
  • Table – this is from the same makers of Dropr as I can remember. . . and it is supposed to be like Slack + Behance + LinkedIn? Promising, but I have no idea how I can make time for that as well.

of course, I also have a Deviantart and it is the very first online portfolio/art community that I’ve ever tried in my life. –and I was in college then (first year in college).

From all of those services I tried, I might as well make reviews about my experience with all of them. HAHA- THAT’S AN IDEA!

I just joined all of them thinking it might boost my chances of getting discovered by people who would gladly spend money on my art or getting job opportunities that will further boost me.

It made me wonder whether what they say is true that my art really is that good or they’re just looking for some so-so artists who would help them grow their companies. And that it might benefit them than it does me.

Just earlier today, I just received another invite for another (I think) print-on-demand site.

The good thing is, it has some items that aren’t available in Society6 or Redbubble.

Hmmm… Should I?

I haven’t even created an account at TeePublic.


If I really take this seriously, I’ll never leave this chair.

I’d be making art, scanning, editing, uploading, promoting painting, scanning, editing uploading, promoting, painting, scanning, editing, uploading, promoting. . ..

Things I’d gladly do. . . If I’m really making sales.

It’s just that it’s so hard to promote sometimes. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t reach people who’d want to buy stuff I do.

I hope those best-selling artists really mean what they say when they advised to not give up and that their sales will “snowball” after a while and they start to earn big bucks.

My Christmas wish this year.


Need to make SALES.

My VIDA Voices Collection

Shop Updates, Updates

This is the “future post” that I kept mentioning in previous blog posts* that I’ll write. It is about a good opportunity to share and sell my work.

In March, this year, I received an email from VIDA inviting me to collaborate with them. They said that they’d love to work with me to translate my art into fashion! 

Screenshot of their website.

I have been dreaming/planning to do that for quite some time now and the opportunity finally arrived. Because I was not familiar with them, I checked them out first.


“VIDA is a collaboration between designers and makers around the world that brings original, inspiring apparel and accessories to you – creating beauty every step of the way.”


VIDA is a company that connects artists around the world together with makers in Karachi, Pakistan to create artistic and original apparel and accessories in a socially conscious way. Part of the proceeds is used to provide literacy programs to the people who make the beautiful products.

Learn more about their story here.

(. . . and also watch the video)

They said the team keeps an eye out for amazing artists whose work they each love and then share their favorites with the team. That made me feel so flattered to be contacted by them! After learning about the cause that they support, I became even more interested. It’s good to know that in a way I am helping a lot of people in each sale that I am going to make.

Then I wonder, “do I have any existing work that will look good on their apparel?” I searched for some useful stuff I have in my files and in my sketchbook. I am more of a traditional artist but I also like editing my work digitally or combine equal parts of the methods together.

It took me some time to upload my designs to my VIDA Voices page because I did not find any useful thing that I think would look nice on their clothes. So I just created new work, mostly abstract stuff. I remembered how great it feels for me to create those sort of things.

I came up with these pieces:

Check out my VIDA Voices Designer Page here, to see my pieces in detail. I’ll add more designs in the next few days.

Because I am a new designer, the customers who’ll buy my first 10 pieces will each receive a $25 VIDA Gift Card. 🙂 Isn’t that great? It will also help me upgrade my status into a VIDA Slate Designer where my art will be promoted by VIDA.

Pre-order my designs and VIDA will make them! Delivery will take 4-6 weeks.

Please feel free to share my shop to family and friends who would like my designs! I’ll greatly appreciate it! 🙂

*Sharing is caring*  


*previous blog posts: DeviantArt Prints and New OpportunitiesReally Slow Internet These Days

Really Slow Internet These Days


The internet is so slow. . . it always happens when a lot of people are on vacation.

Anyway, I have added some more products to my Society6 and Redbubble shops.

As much as I want to put it in detail here, my internet connection won’t let me (I’m uploading a very big .tif file to a fashion ecommerce site I am also designing in. More details in a future post.).

Setting Up Shops


I don’t want to just let my artworks/creations sit on my harddrive or just seen on my blog and other sites. I’ve always wanted to sell my work in prints on different products. I thought the only way is to save enough money and produce all these products myself.

When I had a realization that what I want is to really be an illustrator, I began googling a lot of things like “how to earn money as an illustrator”, “how to survive as an illustrator” . . . stuff like that.

I want to make a living or just live the rest of my life doing the things that I love. . . because doing the things you love doesn’t feel like work and when it doesn’t feel like work, it doesn’t drain you. And when you like or love what you are doing, you tend to deliver better work. Success will come.