An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 38

An Artwork A Day, Daycraft Signature Sketchbook A6, Quick Sketch

Drawing from life: musicians.



While waiting for my friend at the mall, I sat at the food court where there’s a band playing. They were composed of only three members: 1 singer, 1 guitarist, 1 percussions. Because I got nothing to do, I just sketched each one of them. Extremely rough sketches, since it’s hard when they’re moving. And also, the last one, the percussions dude, I think he noticed what I’m doing, he looked uncomfortable so I didn’t get to really finish his.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 28

An Artwork A Day, Daycraft Signature Sketchbook A6, Drawings, Inspirations

It feels like it’s been a long time since I shared something here.

"had a haircut 4 days ago"

“had a haircut 4 days ago”

There’s been an internet connection problem and then it seems I caught the flu, and some cold. The weather has been crazy. As of now, my nose is still clogged and I still feel a bit dizzy. I should be able to continue the portrait that I was working on tomorrow. . . hopefully.

In this drawing, I used ballpens.

I guess I was inspired by Aleksandra Czudżak (or ConfusedLarch)‘s drawings.

“The Master and Margarita” by ConfusedLarch. I especially love this one, because I also loved the book of the same title.

Art Noveau-y. So I gave the idea a try. . . sort of.

I wanted to try using cheap media: like pens and crayons.  . . . next time I’ll try crayons, cause they’re often overlooked.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 21: There was a butterfly

An Artwork A Day, Daycraft Signature Sketchbook A6, Drawings
Day 21

Day 21

Yesterday, there was a butterfly near our window, near where we were all singing karaoke.

I wish I’d seen it. So I just imagined how it looked like, probably not the way I’d drawn it.

All 6B pencil.

I have a lot of graphic pencils and most of them are 6Bs. I don’t know, maybe it was the time when Mom gives me by boxes of 12s. . . and I’m not sure if she knew that she was buying a 6B, I’m sure she doesn’t even know pencil grades. :))

Oh well, more pencils, more fun.
Next thing I know, 6B became my favorite.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 19: Markers

An Artwork A Day, Daycraft Signature Sketchbook A6, Drawings, Illustrations


I did it, I missed 2 days of my “An Artwork A Day” project, but for good reason (a reason for another post.)

And so I finally did try to use some markers and some pens. I enjoyed doing this because it makes me feel so free. I didn’t erase some imperfections, I decided to leave it be. It feels so liberating.

I used these:


Stabilo Pen 68, Touch 27 Powder Pink, Parker Vector Rollerball pen, Rotring Star Gels Grip 0.7 white pen

I haven’t bought some new markers yet, I was meaning to use these for doodling.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 17: People Around

An Artwork A Day, Daycraft Signature Sketchbook A6, Drawings, Quick Sketch
Day 17

Day 17

I decided to use a media that I’m not used to using: markers. (And for this particular drawing, I only used one color. :P)

For reasons I don’t want to reveal yet, I’ve been very busy these past few days and I just can’t sleep very well. So, while drawing, I was, I think, 60 percent groggy.

But, because there is not much to do and I really can’t sleep even if I want to, I just distracted myself by drawing some people around me. Most of them didn’t know that they’re being drawn, except for the boy in the pink shirt, who is my youngest brother. I was meaning to color all the other sketches, but I just couldn’t focus anymore.