An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 28

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It feels like it’s been a long time since I shared something here.

"had a haircut 4 days ago"

“had a haircut 4 days ago”

There’s been an internet connection problem and then it seems I caught the flu, and some cold. The weather has been crazy. As of now, my nose is still clogged and I still feel a bit dizzy. I should be able to continue the portrait that I was working on tomorrow. . . hopefully.

In this drawing, I used ballpens.

I guess I was inspired by Aleksandra Czudżak (or ConfusedLarch)‘s drawings.

“The Master and Margarita” by ConfusedLarch. I especially love this one, because I also loved the book of the same title.

Art Noveau-y. So I gave the idea a try. . . sort of.

I wanted to try using cheap media: like pens and crayons.  . . . next time I’ll try crayons, cause they’re often overlooked.