Shop Updates

I finally found the time to add designs to my TeePublic store!

Last night, I uploaded four designs that I originally made for my Shirt.ly shop.

This is the design that someone from TeePublic saw and so he invited me to join their site. Except from Shirt.ly, I also uploaded this one to Society6, where I made a few sales.

“Crikey!” isn’t that the expression Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter always said?


When you have a weenie dog, this is for you. 😀

One of my elementary teachers said, jokingly, that this is how cats court each other (sort of) during mating season. haha!

These designs are also available as T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweaters, Hoodies (in men’s, women’s , and kids’ sizes), iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases, Notebooks (spiral and hardbound), laptop case, and mugs (both regular and travel mugs)!

TeePublic puts your designs on sale for 72 hours after you upload them so a $20 shirt becomes $14!

TeePublic says they have a designer to check each design file to make sure it works with their printers and they have someone in their warehouse that makes sure each shirt (and all other products) they ship are in the best quality!

So, while my stuff are on sale, whoever wants to order gotta order now! 😀

(I’d be very grateful and you’re helping an artist do better at her work. . .  and, well, when I earn money, it helps me buy more art materials that I’m gonna use to produce more art, of course. So please, buy. :))



Long Time No Post!!!


. . . . again!

I meant to blog a lot of times before today, I just always forget cause I got so many chores and I was looking for jobs. . . . . teaching myself Adobe InDesign. . . . helping my friend color her comic. . . .

I feel like I did a lot of things. . .  But sometimes I feel like I did nothing. I could’ve been more productive. . . But I guess I was just so out of it.

Aaaaaanyway. . .



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Black Star Art Spiral Sketchbook, Fashion, Instagram Updates, Paintings, Shop Updates

Really Slow Internet These Days


The internet is so slow. . . it always happens when a lot of people are on vacation.

Anyway, I have added some more products to my Society6 and Redbubble shops.

As much as I want to put it in detail here, my internet connection won’t let me (I’m uploading a very big .tif file to a fashion ecommerce site I am also designing in. More details in a future post.).

Setting Up Shops


I don’t want to just let my artworks/creations sit on my harddrive or just seen on my blog and other sites. I’ve always wanted to sell my work in prints on different products. I thought the only way is to save enough money and produce all these products myself.

When I had a realization that what I want is to really be an illustrator, I began googling a lot of things like “how to earn money as an illustrator”, “how to survive as an illustrator” . . . stuff like that.

I want to make a living or just live the rest of my life doing the things that I love. . . because doing the things you love doesn’t feel like work and when it doesn’t feel like work, it doesn’t drain you. And when you like or love what you are doing, you tend to deliver better work. Success will come.