Testing. . . so I won’t make mistakes. . .

Work in Progress/Processes

. . . hopefully I won’t.


Remember when I said that oil paint and soft pastels look great together?

Well it could, but I forgot that when I tried it before, the oil paint was a bit damp, so the soft pastels stick nicely. And. .  . I used a thin layer of plywood then. *facepalm* So of course the effect was different. Here the oil paint background was dry. . .  So I tried maybe dabbing a little linseed oil on a part of the paper so that it would be kind of sticky (when let dry a little) and then I shaded a little soft pastel. It didn’t work. . . not the way that I wanted. So, scratch that.

I tried oil pastel. It works nicely. So I’ll go with oil pastel.

I’ll try to copy the style that I’m working on with these illustrations: Day 20, Day 25, Day 26, Day 27. I haven’t tried them in a traditional media.

I started to sketch roughly.


yep, looks nothing like her. =))

I decided I’ll use oil pastels and charcoal pencils. I hope it works. . . and I hope my friend likes it.