New Year Post!!!

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(New Year Post that’s late for a couple of days!!!!)

Goodbye, 2016! Hello, 2017!!!

Goodbye, Moleskine.. I’m gonna try Hobonichi this year!! XD

So I thought I would make challenges every month.

Days before Christmas, I started planning my 2017, although I can’t plan until December because I really don’t know what this future will bring.

There’s this thing I want to join and I really really hope I’ll get in!

And of course, I am hoping for nothing but the best for Saturday-AM. Not just because I’m in it but because they’re very hard-working and passionate people who deserve to be successful.

(by the way, Issue 60 is out now! Please check it out and subscribe! 😀 quality diverse shonen manga!)

Back to what I was saying. . .

I plan to challenge myself every month!

Hmm… well every other month, because some months, I will be busy with some important stuff.

This month of January, I shall be doodling CATS!!!!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


So far, Day 3 seems the nicest. Haha. I was busy cleaning my room when I did the first 2. Almost forgot to do it, too.

Stay tuned?

Hehe, I’d do my best not to miss a date! 😀

I mean, my “Artwork-A-Day” died. . . there’s just some things that would come up that makes it really hard to follow up. Let’s hope that this time, nothing gets in my way.


“Allergen” Prints (and other products) Now Available

Shop Updates, Updates

(I am adding my old artworks to my shop bit by bit before making new art.)



This artwork is now available as prints on different products! 😀


College Plates, Hand-Drawn Animation
Screenshot 2014-10-01 21.55.11

Screenshot. Because my original behind-the-scenes images perished with my old external hard drives. It’s a good thing this video survived.

My prelim plate for the AD Design subject back in college.

It’s supposed to be a Colgate Toothpaste commercial.

I added my name at the end of the video because I thought I’m supposed to put my name on it, you know, so it won’t get lost before the professor checks it. hahaha. But I was the only one who did that.

background music:

Anywhere With You – Saves The Day

Around The Bend-Asteroids Galaxy Tour