The First Digital Painting That I Finished

Digital Art, Portrait

This is the first digital painting/portrait that I finished (because the first one I did still isn’t finished.).

I did this as a take home test for a job that I didn’t get.

I guess my work wasn’t enough. . . or, as usual, there’s so much competition.

It took me 6 hours.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS6

I was instructed to only paint the face and so I didn’t touch the rest of his body and background.

this is the reference I chose from the ones that they sent.

They have certain guidelines like: the colors I am only allowed to use, not too many details, and make them look prettier

-from what I can remember. (it was years ago)

I’m not so sure if I followed it correctly. hahaha. I might have added too many wrinkles – can’t help it, I always like bringing out flaws.

I remembered one of the bosses smirking when he saw what I was doing when they asked me to demo after the job interview. But this take home test came after that.

I still like traditional painting better than digital.