Throwback Thursdays #12

Big Thick Black Sketchbook, Throwback Thursdays


When I was addicted to anime.

The outfit is designed by me and that is an imaginary character.

This is the time when the Korean TV Series “My Girl” was showing on ABS-CBN.

It was inspired (didn’t copy the vest but I had an idea from it) by the cute vest that the lead character was wearing in the first episode of the show (I can’t find an image that shows that).

Throwback Thursday #10

Throwback Thursdays

I cannot remember when I drew this thing, but once upon a time, I always draw with just my pen. No Pencil. No erasures.

If sometimes something goes wrong, I would do something to fix it, just like this one: while drawing the bigger girl (upper right), it was either I lost interest in what I was meaning to draw or I had another idea and so I drew another girl who is supposedly painting the big girl as part of a mural.