We’re selling! And we’re still calling for donations! :)

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“We” meaning  me and my friends at “Bangkang Papel”  (click for our wordpress site and our Facebook site.) are selling artworks for our outreach project, “Bangkang Papel Art Drive“.

All the proceeds will go to the project. We will also include each artist’s website or portfolio site, if ever they have one (they should have one if they don’t yet, so that buyers will get to know them and their other creations), with their artworks, along with the rest of the details (artist’s name, title of artwork, size, category/classification, estimated price –maximum price is 10,000 Php) when we post it online for selling.


I’ve already included some of my work in the sale. Check them out here. There will be even more artworks as time goes on. There’s some people who already expressed their interest in donating their work, but we’re still waiting for their donations.



Bangkang Papel Art Drive: Calling Artists Who Are Willing to Donate Their Artworks for A Good Cause

Other Events

. . . and also the reason I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to update my blog.

My friend contacted me last March and asked me to join her and her friends in organizing an outreach event for the benefit of the victims of the super typhoon Haiyan.

Of course, I said yes, because it’s a good experience to reach out and help people and also, it seems so exciting.

The team is called Bangkang Papel. It means “Paper Boat” in Filipino.

And so these past days I have been busy collaborating with them for the whole thing, I did mostly the posters -but of course while also consulting the rest of the team.


Please visit us on these links for more details: