Like I said in my instagram bio: I like to experiment on different art styles. (So my posts aren’t always the same things) I used my old set of Stabilo Pen 68 that I mostly ignore because I’m not too fond of solid bright colors. Mostly did this because I am testing my IFTTT recipes and I do not have anything available to share. I am very busy these days. #quicksketch #nopencil #noeraser #stippling #illustration #drawing #doodle #stabilo #stabilopen68 #artph

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Yesterday, Drawing

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I drew this on Photoshop yesterday afternoon while I was sleepy and was in a place where it isn’t okay to sleep. I guess this can fit in on my “An Artwork A Day” thing, but I am going to stop counting them. I have a lot more drawings but I haven’t posted or scanned them yet. Too busy.

yes it’s unfinished. I was really sleepy. haha

this is how messy I normally draw. . . but I draw faster this way.

And I was too sleepy to care. Somehow I want to keep this messy style because I am most comfortable with this style. Loose and free. I don’t really care whether people will like or hate this style. I know there are probably people who are into this.

New Year, 2015: Don’t Drink Alcohol

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The doctor said I shouldn’t drink alcohol while my wisdom tooth extraction site heals. 😦

I wanted to drink champagne.

This one I drew last night, in the last minutes of 2014.

Finished on 2015.

And so I drew the available liquors on the table. The champagne cork won’t fit anymore so we fitted a small plastic bag over it. . . until one of the wines was finished. We used the wine cork.

I can’t get my scanner driver to work today. I was supposed to scan and color this digitally. Right now this crappy photo will have to do.

Have a happy new year, everyone!

May this year be filled with lots of opportunities and pleasant surprises!

I hope every year gets better and better.

More blessings to come! 😀

Rough Drawings from December 15

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I’m glad Christmas is over. Now I have time to post these things. Haha. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I just had my other wisdom tooth removed yesterday so I really can’t do much but this. 😛

I can’t even laugh, my stitches would hurt. So I should avoid funny things on the internet.

These are my rough drawings from December 15, the day my two friends (Angelo and Abdul) and me went to the studio to practice animation, though we didn’t have to.

They practiced animation. I didn’t. Haha. I thought I should practice drawing more, so I just drew them the whole time.

We ate breakfast together. I drew Angelo while waiting for my noodles to cook.  This doesn’t look like him, though. Just his pose, hair and scarf.

Angelo again, while practicing digital animation. This time it looks like him. haha!

Abdul, at work.

My objective was to capture poses as quick as possible and to keep them rough. I need to work more on my anatomy, that’ I’m aware. Also, foreshortening and perspective.

Abdul’s profile, minus the glasses.

But I miss drawing faces. I tried to draw Abdul while he’s busy finishing his in-between assignment. I’m glad it looks like him. I thought it wouldn’t because I didn’t make him stay still. It’s not easy to draw a moving subject and it’s been a while since I last drew a face -and from life, as well.

Today I decided to color these drawings digitally. I’m  doing one of them right now. I’ll post them here when I finish. 🙂

*more drawings to come!!*

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 1: Le Crappy Monroe

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An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 1: Le Crappy Monroe

I was practicing quick sketching. .
I was dizzy so the drawing didn’t look much like my reference (I can’t try so hard because I’m dizzy).
I was trying to figure out what will work better for me.

Of course I wasn’t thinking so much, so I didn’t realize that the blacks of my 6B pencil will mix in with the oil pastel I had just shaded on top of it. On the other hand, I was just experimenting to see what will happen next.

Then, without thinking again (haha), I tried to fix the grays with some leftover gouache paint from my palette (they’ve dried so I just wet them so I can use them again). Of course, it didn’t really stick because of the oily nature of the pastel, but somehow I liked the effect.

It looked like crap, but I guess that was my intention. Besides, I’ve come across many art/illustrations that are just as rough.

This was my reference, by the way:

Marilyn Monroe. Photograph: Eve Arnold/PA (flip the image and then it becomes my reference)

I know, right, it doesn’t look the same —in fact far from the same. But then again, I wasn’t really paying that much attention. 😛

I’m just trying to do as I promised, to make one artwork -any artwork for each day.

(. . .and this one, I did yesterday.)