Like I said in my instagram bio: I like to experiment on different art styles. (So my posts aren’t always the same things) I used my old set of Stabilo Pen 68 that I mostly ignore because I’m not too fond of solid bright colors. Mostly did this because I am testing my IFTTT recipes and I do not have anything available to share. I am very busy these days. #quicksketch #nopencil #noeraser #stippling #illustration #drawing #doodle #stabilo #stabilopen68 #artph

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An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 46

An Artwork A Day, Character Design, Doodles, Drawings

It’s been awhile!


Tablet sketches can be easier to do (and post) sometimes. 😛
When I was a kid I had a drawing style that looks very similar to this.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 16

An Artwork A Day, Character Design, Drawings, Illustrations

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 16

I forgot to bring my little sketchbook so I just settled with a yellow sticky note and some pens.
I used a Parker Vector Rollerball pen, a regular ball point pen, and a white Rotring Stargels Grip 0.7 pen. . . and some sweaty fingers -the sweaty fingers did a lot.

I didn’t use some blue inks. I just used black and white inks. For some reason, when I used the white pen over the black ink from the Parker pen, it turned blue. It must be the kind of ink it uses. I used my sweaty fingers to smudge some parts, after I accidentally smudged one part. I liked the overall effect. 😀

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 13

An Artwork A Day, Character Design, Drawings, Illustrations


Day 13

Day 13

Been really busy trying to save my photos, trying to free some disk space on my laptop. I am really uninspired so this is the best I can do right now. I know it looks like crap. I never said I’d do masterpieces every single day. :))

A friend of mine said that I should try to come up with a style or stick to a certain medium. I’m in the process of doing that, but right now I’m still trying to figure it out, so I’m trying different things, exploring different medias. One thing I learned is that colored pencils aren’t really my thing. At least not shading a lot—it makes my hand hurt quickly. I like using the brush more. Okay, that’s one thing I figured out today.

*the drawing is shot, not scanned, so it looks that way.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 6: Karou

An Artwork A Day, Black Star Art Spiral Sketchbook, Character Design, Drawings, Illustrations

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 6

Another drawing that I started a long time ago. The problem is, between that time and today, The sketchbook got wet, and that would explain the wrinkly part near the binding (same as in here). It sucks, but I don’t want to waste anything.
I’m planning to edit out the creases digitally, instead.

This is supposed to be Karou. She’s the main character of Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor. It’s a book that I was reading last 2012. I was currently reading it while I started drawing this. It’s one of the books I remember I really liked. I must remind myself to get a copy of the sequel! 🙂

Colored pencils, graphite.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 4

An Artwork A Day, Black Star Art Spiral Sketchbook, Character Design, Drawings, Illustrations

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 4

This is one of the drawings I’ve drawn a long time ago that I’ve only finished just now. (I’m not even satisfied yet)

The binding edge of the paper got wrinkly because I had spilled water on it months ago. I didn’t notice that it got wet, until after a few minutes, that’s why. 😦

Colored pencils.

The colors looked faded when I scanned it.

Here’s a more color-accurate to my actual drawing:


I fixed it with photoshop.