Throwback Thursday #6: Oil on Paper

Throwback Thursdays

this was the time I was watching “Sabrina” (the teenage witch) the animated series on Disney Channel

When I was a kid, Mom bought me a set of oil paints.

She didn’t know what it was exactly, she just bought them. She must have thought that those were watercolors or something similar. Water-based. But it wasn’t and neither of us knew that.

This painting was one of my first oil paintings. . . and it’s on paper. On thick paper (but not as thick as the ones meant for watercolor). The some oil leaks can be seen on the sides, and on the back of the paper as well.

My very first oil painting was a painting of a ship (medieval one, made of wood). The problem is, I don’t know where it is anymore. It’s probably gone now (because once, our house was attacked by termites, and there’s also the flood). 😦 Too bad, I liked the way it looks, as I remember it in my brain.

I remember I was baffled by the weird smell of the paint and I panicked when my brushes (but they were meant for water-based media and paper) had gone stiff. There were no artists in my immediate family to tell me that those were oil paints and that they are used with canvases and paint thinners and turpentine.

I only learned in college – and that’s the only “art school” that I went to. “College of Fine Arts and Design”.  I wish I studied in an art school all my life, but I didn’t because we didn’t know that there were any such schools here in the Philippines. I should’ve went here if I’d known. I feel so bitter when I think about that. But I can never turn back time. I should just self-study again.


Work in Progress/Processes

I’ve painted the background for the portrait of my friend that I am making.


I made two. The smaller one is for testing, so that nothing could go wrong.


Only. . . I used oil paint on a thick paper. Yes, oil paint – thinly applied. For some reason, I feel like this will work. I’ve tried oil paint on paper before, well, on cardboard – the one used for packing boxes, corrugated cardboard. The thing can hold the oil paint good, maybe as long as it’s only thinly applied, like I always do. So I figured, I’ll do it here, on thick watercolor paper.

I’m going to use soft pastels for my friend’s portrait. I’ve used soft pastels and oil paint together before and it worked perfectly (I’m going to post it here as soon as I finished digitally fixing some scratches – it got scratched when we moved), but I used a thin layer of plywood -that I just picked up- as canvas.

So, because I used oil paint, and it takes really long to dry, I just let it dry the whole day. I think I can touch it again tomorrow.

Oh, yesterday I didn’t get to blog (despite my promise to myself that I will, each and every day) because I wasn’t feeling exactly well. Also I was working on something for a project a friend and I am currently preparing.