3D Max Things

3D, College Plates

Back in college we were taught basic 3Ds Max.

(We just call it “3D Max”)

Today, well, I am out of practice so I honestly don’t know that much anymore. My laptop cannot even handle 3Ds Max.

I am digging through my files to find some valuable things I must have saved because the rest of my college files were killed with my dead external hard drives. I’ve lost 700 GB of data. That was months ago. Today, I’m digging.

These are some images I found:

caterpillar thing

Very basic 3D.

I think this was done in one of our first days. I just really like circles and imaginary creatures.


This one’s my favorite experiment. I can’t remember if we were told to make a robot, I just made one.

a food cart

Wow, I can’t believe I made something like this. I think I didn’t. Maybe what we did was just applying textures. Or maybe we really made this cart (because I remember doing the roof) with instructions, of course.

art exhibit layout plan

Some objects here are given. And then we were told to make a video walking around the area. Mine sucks, and that is why I’m not showing it here. It made me dizzy. The camera was too fast. hahaha

One day, I shall re-learn 3Ds Max.


College Plates, Sculpture



Torso, 2006 (or 2007)

A plate we made for Three-Dimensional Art Class back in college.

First we made the shape in regular clay. Then we made a negative mold using plaster. The final product is also made in plaster.

The time that I passed this to get checked by the professor, the body still have some bits of arms. . . However, in my journey back home, the arms broke off.

Blind Item

College Plates, Paintings


(ugh I just couldn’t capture the painting right -see the reflection of the light source at the right side.
I had to edit the colors a little. I suck at photography.)

The first (and last? -couldn’t remember! haha!) time we painted nude. The first time I saw a nude model. It felt awkward. Especially when you had to stare at her private parts BECAUSE you have to, in order to capture her right.

Oil on canvas.
(will update this later, when I remember the details.)

“Pillory of the Sleepless”, Jumbled

College Plates, Paintings

A Composition Class plate back in college.
(I wish I remember the date I painted this.)
We were supposed to pick a painting and then change its compositional structure.

I chose Edrick Daniel‘s painting: “Pillory of the Sleepless” (http://shadowness.com/mamonster83/pillory-of-the-sleepless)
I hope I did justice to the beauty of the real painting. haha. I just saw it on my friend’s copy of a Contemporary Art Philippines magazine issue and I thought it’s so beautiful and dreamy.

Oil on canvas.


College Plates, Hand-Drawn Animation
Screenshot 2014-10-01 21.55.11

Screenshot. Because my original behind-the-scenes images perished with my old external hard drives. It’s a good thing this video survived.

My prelim plate for the AD Design subject back in college.

It’s supposed to be a Colgate Toothpaste commercial.

I added my name at the end of the video because I thought I’m supposed to put my name on it, you know, so it won’t get lost before the professor checks it. hahaha. But I was the only one who did that.

background music:

Anywhere With You – Saves The Day

Around The Bend-Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Transit Ad Plate

College Plates

From Ad Design class back in college.
This is for Transit Ad design.


I saw Velvet Banana ads from a Page One book: Fashion Reinvented. I saw that their shirts are cool, so I chose the brand as my product. No, I did not own any of the photos that I used. But I didn’t make money from them, just a grade. I wanted to use photos of their real products so the ads I’m going to design would look as real and convincing as possible.

mall banners
floor ad
bus ad

The mistake that I have committed was inconsistency.

The ads aren’t that consistent in a sense that some set of ads, like the Mall Banners and the Floor Ad only contain one model per piece while the other ads displayed more people.
It should all have been consistent.