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My VIDA Voices Collection

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This is the “future post” that I kept mentioning in previous blog posts* that I’ll write. It is about a good opportunity to share and sell my work.

In March, this year, I received an email from VIDA inviting me to collaborate with them. They said that they’d love to work with me to translate my art into fashion! 

Screenshot of their website.

I have been dreaming/planning to do that for quite some time now and the opportunity finally arrived. Because I was not familiar with them, I checked them out first.


“VIDA is a collaboration between designers and makers around the world that brings original, inspiring apparel and accessories to you – creating beauty every step of the way.”


VIDA is a company that connects artists around the world together with makers in Karachi, Pakistan to create artistic and original apparel and accessories in a socially conscious way. Part of the proceeds is used to provide literacy programs to the people who make the beautiful products.

Learn more about their story here.

(. . . and also watch the video)

They said the team keeps an eye out for amazing artists whose work they each love and then share their favorites with the team. That made me feel so flattered to be contacted by them! After learning about the cause that they support, I became even more interested. It’s good to know that in a way I am helping a lot of people in each sale that I am going to make.

Then I wonder, “do I have any existing work that will look good on their apparel?” I searched for some useful stuff I have in my files and in my sketchbook. I am more of a traditional artist but I also like editing my work digitally or combine equal parts of the methods together.

It took me some time to upload my designs to my VIDA Voices page because I did not find any useful thing that I think would look nice on their clothes. So I just created new work, mostly abstract stuff. I remembered how great it feels for me to create those sort of things.

I came up with these pieces:

Check out my VIDA Voices Designer Page here, to see my pieces in detail. I’ll add more designs in the next few days.

Because I am a new designer, the customers who’ll buy my first 10 pieces will each receive a $25 VIDA Gift Card. 🙂 Isn’t that great? It will also help me upgrade my status into a VIDA Slate Designer where my art will be promoted by VIDA.

Pre-order my designs and VIDA will make them! Delivery will take 4-6 weeks.

Please feel free to share my shop to family and friends who would like my designs! I’ll greatly appreciate it! 🙂

*Sharing is caring*  


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Throwback Thursdays #12

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When I was addicted to anime.

The outfit is designed by me and that is an imaginary character.

This is the time when the Korean TV Series “My Girl” was showing on ABS-CBN.

It was inspired (didn’t copy the vest but I had an idea from it) by the cute vest that the lead character was wearing in the first episode of the show (I can’t find an image that shows that).

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 7

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An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 7

Oh come on. This counts as an “artwork”. Haha!
I’ve been busy today, cleaning my room after maybe months of mess.
And my “Day 7” has already ended minutes ago. I hope this won’t be a sign that I can’t continue fulfilling my promise (to myself, actually. But I’ve been religiously doing it for the sake of practice and developing a sense of commitment)

And so, I have been cleaning my room. While doing so, I rediscovered a plastic basket filled with all the dolls that have survived misuse in my childhood years. They are mostly Barbie dolls. Then an Anastasia doll (from the animated film), two Bratz dolls, and two Betty Spaghettis. . . then some miniature Barbie dolls from McDonald’s Happy Meals.

I found some old swimwear tops that Mom wanted to throw away that I salvaged. I saved a lot of random fabrics from old broken clothes for this purpose. So I sat down and picked my fabric. It’s a spandex bikini top (too bad I didn’t take a photo of what it used to look like before I started cutting it)


this is what’s left of the bikini top

What I did was just to wrap it around a certain way, punch some holes and tied up the string. I used one of those ordinary Barbies with little pink shoes painted on their feet. Her limbs allow only a few poses. I wish Gymnast Barbie wasn’t broken. She would’ve been the one I used (unfortunately she lost her other arm and her legs became limp).

I obviously enjoyed my little photo shoot. It seems like Barbie did, too. And it’s her first time she saw banana trees outside my window, so she didn’t mind her bad hair day.

After the shoot, I checked my other dolls and realized that some of them looked better than the one I just used. *facepalm* Anastasia is more poseable, I just fixed her headlessness.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 2

An Artwork A Day, Berkeley Watercolor Pad 270mmx380mm 1, Fashion

gold dress 1

I thought of this design years ago, I had sketched it roughly back then.

I was thinking of how to make a woman’s hips fuller. I was thinking of my mother’s hips –which I think is so narrow. heehee.

I used gold, brown, and white poster paint on cream-colored watercolor paper.

*clarification: this is a one-piece dress. not two piece (the colors faded when I scanned it. *facepalm*). It just so happens that I did not color the skin part, and the trunk part of the dress was supposed to be cream in color.