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About That Pink Bike

Updates, Work in Progress/Processes

It’s actually what I’d like to call an accidental art.

To my eyes it is. I really like the way it looks, so it stays in my “Featured Work”.

I did it when I was in my first year of college.

I had mixed too much black and pink poster paints. I don’t want any paint to go to waste so I grabbed an empty thick drawing paper to paint on. I was just making mindless strokes. Mindless – because I made it without thinking.

So far I feel much better doing an artwork like that. It usually starts looking like a mess, then somewhere along the way, it sparks an idea. Then I’d see something then I’d do that thing.

Here, I saw a bike.

I didn’t get to scan the thing until years later…. and it now has yellow spots.

I had to scan twice because the paper was a bit larger than my scanner’s glass.