In Loving Memory of Lola Maria

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(*Lola means grandmother, in the Filipino language)

This is the last gift that I ever gave my grandmother. It isn’t even finished yet when I handed it to her at the Pulmonary Intensive Care Unit of the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.

Back then, the whole drawing was just graphic pencils and little bits of color -which was intentional, but it was a bit uneven, because I rushed it because I wasn’t happy with my first two attempts, that drawing was take 3. I was always extremely anxious when I’m making something for people who are important to me: always fussing over even the littlest details, always feeling it’s not enough.

An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 1: Le Crappy Monroe

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An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 1: Le Crappy Monroe

I was practicing quick sketching. .
I was dizzy so the drawing didn’t look much like my reference (I can’t try so hard because I’m dizzy).
I was trying to figure out what will work better for me.

Of course I wasn’t thinking so much, so I didn’t realize that the blacks of my 6B pencil will mix in with the oil pastel I had just shaded on top of it. On the other hand, I was just experimenting to see what will happen next.

Then, without thinking again (haha), I tried to fix the grays with some leftover gouache paint from my palette (they’ve dried so I just wet them so I can use them again). Of course, it didn’t really stick because of the oily nature of the pastel, but somehow I liked the effect.

It looked like crap, but I guess that was my intention. Besides, I’ve come across many art/illustrations that are just as rough.

This was my reference, by the way:

Marilyn Monroe. Photograph: Eve Arnold/PA (flip the image and then it becomes my reference)

I know, right, it doesn’t look the same —in fact far from the same. But then again, I wasn’t really paying that much attention. 😛

I’m just trying to do as I promised, to make one artwork -any artwork for each day.

(. . .and this one, I did yesterday.)