Instagram Update #314 + Society6 June Artist Promo!

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Wow, I got a lot of unfollowers already. I just failed to post anything for a few days. Social media sure is tough. 😥😨 Here is an old abstract piece I did in college. It's probably one of my first ones. I was only supposed to clean my brush and I ended up making this because I have a lot of mixed poster paint left. It's 9 x 12 inches, but I scanned it on a regular flatbed scanner (I had to piece it together on photoshop and I am not very sure I did a great job at it). It's called "Pink Bike" and it is now available as prints in my #society6 store! 😀 Artist Promo is on! FREE Worldwide Shipping on everything + $5 off Beach Towels!! Promo code for my prints: (Sorry the link isn't clickable. 😳 just copy and type it then!) #art #abstract #contemporaryart #contemporary #pink #bike #pinkbike #Society6 #society6prints #artprints #artpromo #artforsale #forsale #sale #freeshipping #freeworldwideshipping

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I am actually working on something lately that I can’t really post about yet. Sometimes I stop myself from posting anything for fear of that it might not come true. “I don’t wanna jinx it” –that popular line.

So I decided, since I haven’t posted anything on Instagram these days, I’m gonna share some old work.

I also wanna promote Søciety6‘s June Artist Promo!!! 😀

Setting Up Shops


I don’t want to just let my artworks/creations sit on my harddrive or just seen on my blog and other sites. I’ve always wanted to sell my work in prints on different products. I thought the only way is to save enough money and produce all these products myself.

When I had a realization that what I want is to really be an illustrator, I began googling a lot of things like “how to earn money as an illustrator”, “how to survive as an illustrator” . . . stuff like that.

I want to make a living or just live the rest of my life doing the things that I love. . . because doing the things you love doesn’t feel like work and when it doesn’t feel like work, it doesn’t drain you. And when you like or love what you are doing, you tend to deliver better work. Success will come.