Studies, Work in Progress/Processes

I was never really good at perspective. I remember, back in college, I was one of the students with the lowest grades, we had to make some extra work..
I said yesterday that I am gonna study my friend’s face more, and so I did. . .


Her face was a bit angled upward, and the chin and mouth were closest to the camera (it’s a selfie), so, I find it a but tricky. I found myself restudying perspective and foreshortening –two aspects of drawing that I was always bad at. I wanted it to look exactly like her. I get so anxious again.
Well, I’m still not done yet because I am busy doing other things. I’m also working on some other things, but I’ll reveal that when it’s done. 😀

Studying. . .

Studies, Work in Progress/Processes

. . . my friend’s face.

I had promised to make her a portrait years ago. She had given me the photo reference years ago. I was bad at keeping promises because I tend to be easily distracted. But now her birthday is coming and so I really gotta do this because I’m gonna give it to her as a present.


just practicing.

And so earlier today I’m examining her face and making out the proportions. Right now it looks nothing like her. But it will. After that I just rested my hands because these days my hands tend to feel numb. Probably because I force myself to draw every single day for the sake of practice. . . or because I always forget to take my daily vitamins and I don’t eat enough nutritious food for my nerves. I need to take care of myself -most importantly my eyes and hands – better. Any tip would be great. I gotta Google some health stuff that I need. 😛