2015 Aviator of the Year Awards

Graphic Design, Illustrations


I’ve been busy for a while so I haven’t updated my blog for so long.

Here is a poster that I designed for the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Foundation, Inc‘s 2015 Aviator of The Year Awards.


I updated my Behance portfolio, see the rest of the images here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/25532093/2015-Aviator-of-The-Year-Awards

You may also check out the PIHABF website, I think my poster is still there. 🙂



The Tribe, The Beads and The Twenties

Berkeley Watercolor Pad 270mmx380mm 1, Contest Entries, Fashion
-watercolor, ink, colored pencil on paper
-my entry for Marie Claire and Instituto Europeo di Design -Barcelona’s Fashion Illustration Contest
(unfortunately I didn’t win. :P)
-I designed the dress and I my reference for the shoes is this: http://www.designerwholesalesources.com/images/discount-christian-dior-shoes-6.jpg