Work in Progress

Work in Progress/Processes

This is like a “side project” to a side project.


I got lots of excess paint so I decided to paint on an old piece of wood that I once used as base for a sculpture.

I’m working on two art pieces for an art show, but I don’t want to show any photos of those until it’s finished. 😝

This is my brother’s cat, MaoMao. He watches me while I work.


I’m still very active with me and my friend’s outreach project: Bangkang Papel. Please check it out here:

and we also have a wordpress site:

I’m going to sell some art prints there.

We’re inviting artists who are interested in donating their artworks for the cause. All the proceeds will go to buying school supplies and providing an art workshop for the children who were victims of the past super typhoon Haiyan. It feels good to help people, you know? 🙂