‘Cause I Found A Piece of Fabric. . .


Yesterday. . .

I was only supposed to be cleaning/organizing my drawer and probably the rest of my room when I found a piece of fabric I had cut off when I was upcycling some old “home shorts”.

I took out one of my old Barbie dolls and wrapped the fabric onto her the way I always did when I was a kid.

Yeah, I guess I missed dabbling into fashion. . . but I can never call myself a fashion designer because I do not have any formal training. It was sort of tackled a little back in college but it was more like a preview, for me. It wasn’t enough. I have to learn how to make clothes if I want to really do it. (That, I do not have money for, yet.)

But at least I have one client: Barbie!

Barbie was unhappy with her wardrobe and she wanted to wear something different. I gave her two options, since the fabric I found is a bit versatile.

Dress 1: