April 2017: What To Draw Wednesday!

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I decided to opt for something that’s not daily for this month. Since I need more practice with drawing in general anyway, if I want to become a better artist/illustrator.

Although some of my friends told me that I already have a style of my own, I think I’m still in the process of really finding it.

Just last month, I think, I discovered this cool app called What To Draw. It’s basically an app that generates random phrases that can help you decide what to draw. It’s actually just what I need because it has always been my problem. It’s also cool ’cause it’s challenging!

a sample phrase. source: Google Play Store


So, what you do after installing the app is to pick a theme that you might wanna do. All in all, they have nine themes: Medieval Fantasy, Editorial and Cartoon, Cyberpunk and Space, Terror, Western, Noir, Greco-Roman Mythology, Super Heroes, and Fantasy (the last four are in-app purchases πŸ˜› bought them, though πŸ˜€ ). If you’re open for anything and everything, you can choose “All Themes“. When you choose all themes, it generates phrases from all the themes (not sure if it will include the last four themes if you haven’t bought those, though).

source: Google Play Store

source: Google Play Store

For this month’s challenge, I decided to use the app every wednesday. . .

Because “What to Draw” starts with a “W” – it’s more catchy that way. “What to Draw Wednesday” Haha!

At first I called it “Wednesday:What to Draw” but that sounds too boring, so I called it “What To Draw Wednesday“, like “Throwback Thursday“. It’s so un-unique I’m definitely not the only one who uses the hashtag #WhatToDrawWednesday. Surely.

By the way, I do not know if “What To Draw Wednesday” is already a thing. I need to dig for that. I’m not claiming anything. I just want to do this for myself as a challenge.

The problem is, if I’m gonna do this weekly, I can only produce four artworks. . . And I can’t promise making masterpieces. I usually run out of time for myself when I’m doing a lot of chores and sometimes work. (I’m on break, by the way. But I’ll also search for other projects to earn extra, if they’ll have me. haha) I really need to manage my time better.

I’m expecting my entries to be experimental. . . as usual. In pursuit of finding the style that fits me perfectly. I’m not pushing it, though, I’m just going with what feels most right. . . if you get what I mean.

I’m using the “All Themes” phrase generator for my first and second entries, for more challenge. But I’ve been getting “Noir” two times in a row (first generated phrase on a Wednesday). I might just use a different theme if next week, I get “Noir” again.

Here are my first two entries:


“A bodyguard, wearing ragged clothes”

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I have another challenge for myself this month and I wanna call it "Wednesday: What to Draw" or "What To Draw Wednesdays" —sounds better. For sure I'm not the first one to do this. Haha! There's this app I discovered called What To Draw and it generates random phrases that gives you an idea of what to draw. I can't do this every single day because the app might conjure up complicated stuff. Plus I need to practice more before getting to much more difficult stuff. This one, for example sucks. Not because it's rough… but because it looks too stiff and unnatural. There might be something wrong with the anatomy as well. . . But I just gotta finish and post this because it's already 3:48am and not a Wednesday anymore here. Uggh.. what a bad start. Actually, it's not even done. It's far from finished. I forgot to say, I got "A bodyguard, wearing ragged clothes" from the Noir Theme (but I pulled it out from the "All Themes" generator.) #WednesdayWhatToDraw #WhatToDrawWednesday #WhatToDrawApp #WhatToDraw #drawing #roughdrawing #illustration #sketch #tabletdrawing #tabletsketch #MedibangPaint

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I’m honestly, and obviously bad at the male anatomy. I wish I drew a FEMALE bodyguard instead. But it would have been less of a challenge. I drew that at the end of the day and it was supposed to be bedtime and I was really sleepy so that’s that. What a bad start. 😦


“An assassin, in a jazz club”

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What To Draw Wednesday! #2 "An assassin, in a jazz club", from the theme Noir (didn't know I'd get something from Noir again, I used the "All Themes" phrase generator. Haha) Honestly, I didn't like that I got something complicated this time. I didn't like having to draw backgrounds and extra people with instruments. Who's diligent in this exhausting summer heat? (Well, it's summer here in the Philippines) 😬 didn't look for much reference too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜› Using #SamsungGalaxyNote8tablet #MedibangPaint #WhatToDraw #WhatToDrawWednesday #WhatToDrawApp #noir #assassin #sketch #art #roughsketch #roughdrawing #drawing #tabletart #tabletdrawing #tabletsketch #jazzmusicians #musicians #jazzclub

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I hated the “in a jazz club” part. . . Β just the fact that I had to draw a lot of other people and instruments. I felt so unready. I had to check some quick references.

-but I do love jazz music, and wish I can go to a real jazz club/barΒ 

I enjoyed doing the second one. I felt a spark in me when I was making the drawing loose and rough. It just felt so natural to me, instead of super clean lines. It felt so me.

I just hope the next two won’t turn out to be total crap. I can’t promise anything. πŸ˜€

I might continue this activity even after this month ends. . . Let’s see.

Stay tuned. πŸ˜€ ❀

New Year Post!!!

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(New Year Post that’s late for a couple of days!!!!)

Goodbye, 2016! Hello, 2017!!!

Goodbye, Moleskine.. I’m gonna try Hobonichi this year!! XD

So I thought I would make challenges every month.

Days before Christmas, I started planning my 2017, although I can’t plan until December because I really don’t know what this future will bring.

There’s this thing I want to join and I really really hope I’ll get in!

And of course, I am hoping for nothing but the best for Saturday-AM. Not just because I’m in it but because they’re very hard-working and passionate people who deserve to be successful.

(by the way, Issue 60 is out now! Please check it out and subscribe! πŸ˜€ quality diverse shonen manga!)

Back to what I was saying. . .

I plan to challenge myself every month!

Hmm… well every other month, because some months, I will be busy with some important stuff.

This month of January, I shall be doodling CATS!!!!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


So far, Day 3 seems the nicest. Haha. I was busy cleaning my room when I did the first 2. Almost forgot to do it, too.

Stay tuned?

Hehe, I’d do my best not to miss a date! πŸ˜€

I mean, my “Artwork-A-Day” died. . . there’s just some things that would come up that makes it really hard to follow up. Let’s hope that this time, nothing gets in my way.



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I just noticed, I’ve been getting a lot of invites this year. . . from different sites who want me to join their site.

Recently (well, last November 10),

I was messaged through my Behance account by someone who works at a Japanese startup company who launched a new project which is an “online platform for artists and designers to discover and interact with creative individuals and companies”. . .

She was inviting me to join in as well.

But isn’t that like Behance too?

I already have that.Β Besides Behance, I also tried:

  • Cargo Collective – I’ve made an account when it was still free for everyone
  • Coroflot -heard about the unlimited storage space thing… back then Behance had a storage limit. Oh my gosh. I just checked their site just now. New members have to apply to join because their content is now curated. Thank God I got in before they changed the rules.
  • TouchTalent – I forgot how I ended up creating an account here. But wow, I actually have 124 followers there, that’s significantly more than my Behance followers or even my Deviantart followers, I think. hahaha
  • Dropr – I got invited once. Beautiful interface. Storage limitations is a bummer.
  • Nabaroo – the time I got invited it was only invite-only. I don’t know now. What I can remember is that the upload speed is a bit slow.
  • Nace – looks very high class. . . but it won’t remove the “not available for hire” label unless I upgrade. . . and upgrading will make me pay a fee every month, so I quit.
  • Table – this is from the same makers of Dropr as I can remember. . . and it is supposed to be like Slack + Behance + LinkedIn? Promising, but I have no idea how I can make time for that as well.

of course, I also have a Deviantart and it is the very first online portfolio/art community that I’ve ever tried in my life. –and I was in college then (first year in college).

From all of those services I tried, I might as well make reviews about my experience with all of them. HAHA- THAT’S AN IDEA!

I just joined all of them thinking it might boost my chances of getting discovered by people who would gladly spend money on my art or getting job opportunities that will further boost me.

It made me wonder whether what they say is true that my art really is that good or they’re just looking for some so-so artists who would help them grow their companies. And that it might benefit them than it does me.

Just earlier today, I just received another invite for another (I think) print-on-demand site.

The good thing is, it has some items that aren’t available in Society6 or Redbubble.

Hmmm… Should I?

I haven’t even created an account at TeePublic.


If I really take this seriously, I’ll never leave this chair.

I’d be making art, scanning, editing, uploading, promoting painting, scanning, editing uploading, promoting, painting, scanning, editing, uploading, promoting. . ..

Things I’d gladly do. . . If I’m really making sales.

It’s just that it’s so hard to promote sometimes. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t reach people who’d want to buy stuff I do.

I hope those best-selling artists really mean what they say when they advised to not give up and that their sales will “snowball” after a while and they start to earn big bucks.

My Christmas wish this year.


Need to make SALES.