Long Time No Post!!!


. . . . again!

I meant to blog a lot of times before today, I just always forget cause I got so many chores and I was looking for jobs. . . . . teaching myself Adobe InDesign. . . . helping my friend color her comic. . . .

I feel like I did a lot of things. . .  But sometimes I feel like I did nothing. I could’ve been more productive. . . But I guess I was just so out of it.

Aaaaaanyway. . .

I quit doing animation clean-ups and in-betweens because I felt I want to try something different (and I wasn’t much help anyway cause I was still working so slow) so I got myself signed up to train for painting the background images. . . . unfortunately, I still have to wait for the training.

But I really do love animation. . . and animating. Maybe just not the cleaning up part. 😛

When I miss it, maybe I’d do it again. . . I don’t miss it yet. Haha.

I just miss the people I’ve worked with who’ve become my friends.

(I’m checking my daily logs for the stuff I did prior to this blog post. . . my life wasn’t too boring, although I’m basically living like a hermit.)

Because everyone else in the house are busier than me and we don’t have a maid anymore, my days were filled with my share of housework*. One day, I discovered how much I love plants and gardening. It’s the one thing I do that takes away my stress lately. I diligently pruned our plants and took out the weeds almost every day. Sometimes I find ways to propagate them. I’m thinking if I can make a separate blog filled with those things.

Every now and then, whenever I find time, I would make more designs for my print-on-demand shops.

I decided to focus more on Shirt.ly because I thought I’d make more sales there because it’s based in my country (Philippines). It’s really hard for me to get people to buy my products on Society6, Redbubble, and VIDA since they’re all based in the US and I don’t know a lot of people there. I can only just share them online and hope some people might like them enough to actually buy them.

The problem I’m having with Shirt.ly is that I’m not a big fan of vinyl prints or dry fit fabric. Their service also still needs a lot of improvements. They’re still a young company – founded in 2014, so I can understand. The first time I ordered vinyl-printed shirts from there, it arrived several weeks late and I received really badly printed shirts. The problem was that they approved designs that was hard to print for them when they shouldn’t have. I had to contact them about the problem and they sent better quality shirts after a few days. So far it looks like they’re taking customers seriously and will do better this time.

When you order something, you must always check the quality and if it’s not exactly what you ordered or if it’s poorly done, make sure you tell them right away (and this applies to everything you order online). Shirt.ly does care about these things and can give you refunds or new shirts. You can read their Returns and Exchange Policy in their FAQ.

I still looked for jobs online in between my activities. I looked for work that I can do at home, since I wanted to still have time to make and sell art (or try to sell art) in between. Besides, it’ll be harder to apply for regular design jobs in the city because I don’t think I have enough design work experience to prove myself. Plus my last job was in hand-drawn animation. Plus, my age. . . which I prefer not to say.

There’s going to be too much competition that my chances of landing a job there will be super slim, exhausting, and time-consuming. . . Plus I admit, I am a bit awkward in social situations, especially when I’m pressured to make an HR pick me. I’m more like “If you like what I can do and pick me, thanks. If you don’t, okay. I’ll go somewhere else“. For sure they’re always going to pick the fresh grads with fresher knowledge or someone older but with significant job experience. . .

I started watching Adobe InDesign tutorials to teach myself another design skill because it’s one of the essential softwares a graphic designer needs. It’s surprisingly easy to learn.

One day, my friend who does a comic asked me for help because she’s struggling to meet her deadlines.  I helped her color her pages. Then she told me that there’s an opening for a graphic design job in the company that publishes her work. So I applied, passed the test, and now got a job. (finally!) So far, I’m enjoying myself.

I have some more updates that I’m gonna write about in separate blog posts after this. . . just because I want to keep things a little bit organized.

Thanks, Dad.

Thanks, Dad.


*Yes, I still live with my family because in the Philippines, you usually only leave home if your work is really far from home or you’re getting married. . . Or if you did something so wrong that your parents banished you. 😛


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