My Test Order Arrived! Also, Here’s a Detailed Process on Ordering From My Store

Shop Updates, Updates

I recently opened a shop. I don’t have that much designs posted yet, and it takes a while to get designs approved before it gets displayed on my site. I figured I should start selling (or promoting my products so hopefully, people will buy them -_-).

My store products are made to order. The stuff I displayed there are merely mockups. (But it’s the same with Society6, Redbubble, Threadless, and VIDA, actually.)

I guess it is a bit hard to sell something I haven’t even seen yet. I have to assure people that the quality is good.

And so, last Sunday (June 26), I ordered an item from my shop to see what the actual product looks like. I paid through PayPal. To demonstrate, here are a few screenshots:

After you select an item and then click on “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”, this is the next screen you’ll see:

This is where you fill up your contact details.

Here you get to select the payment methods. . .

As you can see, there are a lot of payment options available. Cash on Delivery is available for orders from Metro Manila (only)!

“Non-COD (Cash-on-delivery) orders are done via Dragonpay. You may find the list of banks and other payment centers that it supports, below:” (more info in the FAQ)

I chose the “PayPal” option. Then I was redirected to DragonPay because it is where I believe the site manages their payments and earnings.

Don’t worry, it’s secured. 🙂

Here you just select your payment option. I chose “PayPal”.  And then you have to agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox.

I then got redirected to the secure PayPal page to login on PayPal and confirm my transaction.

Then after that:

Last screen! Order is complete!

My order arrived yesterday morning via 2Go delivery.

Double plastic packaging.

That’s the order number written on the plastic package. The size is correct.

I need to edit my logo, though. the “by Elisi” part isn’t very readable.

It’s a dry-fit stretchable fabric perfect for the tropical weather!

It stretches sideways!


It fits fine! 😀

I initially thought that the sleeveless tops are for women. Now that I have a sample, I think the cut of the shirt is unisex. That is why at XS size, it isn’t tight fitting on me. On Asian women sizes, I am usually a Medium.

To test my theory, I let my brother fit it.


Okay, it’s too small for him. Hahaha. But it fits nicely on the shoulder to chest area.

To date, here are the products displayed on my store (click images to zoom in and see some info):

I still have some pending designs waiting for approval before appearing in my store, though.

Check out other variants of my designs here:

My special introductory prices are on going! 100php OFF for my FIRST 10 SHIRT BUYERS!

Order HERE.

Feel free to share this to your shirt-loving friends! 😀


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