New Shop: Animalia by Elisi!

Shop Updates

I just opened a new shop! This time it’s local (only in the Philippines–I think)!

I’m using “Elisi” now instead of “snoozielizi” because, I am really tired of using “snoozielizi”. I just got stuck with that username because I wanted to be consistent. Besides, it’s too weird that it’s unique. It becomes useful whenever I need to create an account somewhere and all my better username ideas are taken. It started in my Deviantart account and I can’t change it without upgrading so I kept it.

“Elisi” sounds more local than “snoozielizi”. “Elisi” is the nickname my friends gave me.

I really didn’t want to say anything about this this early but I think I have been offline for too long.

I have been busy thinking and making designs for this new shop and then two of my family’s pets fell sick. 😦 So my brother and I spent monitoring our pets’ treatments. After all, canine Parvovirus is no laughing matter (4 month old puppy, not yet vaccinated because we were all really busy and we weren’t aware that it’s really crucial.). Thank God the other pet just have cold and a minor skin infection (tomcat, 4 years old, likes going outside, that’s how he got his problems.).

The theme for the shop are animals. . . . for now, mostly pets. I have a lot of designs in mind and on my sketchbook but I haven’t vectorized them yet.

My target market are passionate animal lovers and pet owners.

I originally wanted to make sure I have a lot of designs in my store before promoting it, but I guess I just feel excited to share these things.

So far these are the only ones available in my shop, with special introductory prices!

(I’d put them back to my regular prices after a while)  🙂


Cat Person_drifitLONG

“Cat Person” Dry Fit Shirt 350php, also available in Tank Top form.


“Cat Person V2” Tank Top 330php

Evil Myna v MOCKUPblue

“The Evil Myna Bird” Cotton T Shirt in blue, 390php. Available shirt colors are: white, blue, maroon, and red.

EvilMyna_TankTop Mockup

“The Evil Myna Bird” Tank Top, 330php

“Hoy, Panget!” literally translates to “Hey Ugly!” in English. I just remembered a relative’s neighbor once had a pet Myna Bird and they taught the bird to say that. Hahahaha! Myna Birds are great at copying sounds. The one I illustrated here is the Common Hill Myna.

HotDawg_TankTop Mockup2

“Hot Dawg” Tank Top, 330php


Shipping fee within the Philippines is 99php. For more information visit this help link.

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