Instagram Update #314 + Society6 June Artist Promo!

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Wow, I got a lot of unfollowers already. I just failed to post anything for a few days. Social media sure is tough. 😥😨 Here is an old abstract piece I did in college. It's probably one of my first ones. I was only supposed to clean my brush and I ended up making this because I have a lot of mixed poster paint left. It's 9 x 12 inches, but I scanned it on a regular flatbed scanner (I had to piece it together on photoshop and I am not very sure I did a great job at it). It's called "Pink Bike" and it is now available as prints in my #society6 store! 😀 Artist Promo is on! FREE Worldwide Shipping on everything + $5 off Beach Towels!! Promo code for my prints: (Sorry the link isn't clickable. 😳 just copy and type it then!) #art #abstract #contemporaryart #contemporary #pink #bike #pinkbike #Society6 #society6prints #artprints #artpromo #artforsale #forsale #sale #freeshipping #freeworldwideshipping

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I am actually working on something lately that I can’t really post about yet. Sometimes I stop myself from posting anything for fear of that it might not come true. “I don’t wanna jinx it” –that popular line.

So I decided, since I haven’t posted anything on Instagram these days, I’m gonna share some old work.

I also wanna promote Søciety6‘s June Artist Promo!!! 😀

Free Worldwide Shipping on EVERYTHING + $5 Off NEW Beach Towels in my shop!

use my promo links below:

The June Artist Promo is on now thru June 5 at Midnight Pacific Time.

Get some of these and more on my shop! 🙂 Remember to refer to the list above for the promo links.


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