DeviantArt Prints and New Opportunities


I remember there’s a DeviantArt feature where they let you sell prints. I just remembered that I do have a DeviantArt account.

So I opened my account to check it out again cause it’s really been a long time and my artworks are really different then.

My DeviantArt account is my very first art community/portfolio account. . . Well, I think that DeviantArt is the first site of its kind ever (right?). My old artworks there. . . I feel really weird calling them artworks because they look really crappy to me now, even if it didn’t use to be back then. It felt a bit embarrassing seeing them today but it also feels nice because, at least I have improved. . . I think.

I was thinking of the possibility of selling prints, apart from the extra exposure the site can give my artwork and being a part of the art community itself.

I liked it there. The people are very friendly and a lot of them comment on your work so you get a lot of useful insights. It helps you learn from other people and get even more motivated in what you do. It’s a nice place to start as an artist and people know that; that is why there are a lot of obvious newbies there (their artworks look obviously done by beginners – which is okay, cause they’re there to learn and be friends with like-minded people). Other artists would think it’s not a good place to show your work because they have a higher level of talent but there are still some really great artists who still keep their DA – which is great because less experienced artists need inspiration.

I thought about it over and over whether I would have to make a new DA cause really, I don’t want to see my old work mixed with the new. I don’t really want to make a new one because I’d have to think of another username I’d have to live with for the rest of my life (I don’t wanna have to upgrade to Core Membership). I’m a “Deviant” for 8 years now.

Good thing there’s this “store” function in DA where you can put your other Deviations into storage for only your eyes to see. So I hid all of my embarrassing deviations before I added new stuff. hahaha!

Now I can show my Deviantart again. I’ve kept some old work I think still looks okay; I’ve put them in my “OLD STUFF” folder. Some people will be surprised I actually make anime drawings back in the day. Haha, but I still appreciate anime. My favorites are Fullmetal ALchemist and Bleach. . . but I didn’t make fan arts of those.

I’ve put some of my art on sale as prints. I’ve only got a few of them right now, but I would gradually add some more stuff. (So if anyone’s interested in buying my stuff. . . *wink* *nudge* 😉 ) They can be bought in different forms: art print, canvas, photo print, mousepads, even mugs.

I’ve also just made an account to another site that sells art prints, iPad cases, shirts, mugs and throw pillows which I am going to mention in a future post. I gotta upload my stuff there first cause right now it’s currently empty. I think this one is a more promising place to sell stuff to.

. . . and I’ve just received an invite to a similar site that does that so I just really feel so excited! 😀 (I’m gonna post about it in another future post.)



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