Today, I Added Some Things

Inspirations, Work in Progress/Processes

I realized that I still have a lot of artwork that’s worth showing.

There’s this one that I did back in college. It’s a part of a polyptych that my three friends and I did as a college assignment/requirement.

We didn’t have a title but our themes are a mix of these:

  • Hindu Gods
  • Modern
  • Seven Deadly Sins

I got the Hindu God: Brahma (which explains why my painting has two heads visible – the other two are hidden behind the visible ones – and four hands.)

and the Deadly Sin: Lust (which explains the suggestive facial expression and the “come hither” finger. The chocolate bar and the wine are two things that are usually linked with love and romance, so I included those.)

. . . actually, I can’t remember if the “deadly sin” I got was just Lust or if it was a combination of Lust and Gluttony.

I used Bjorn Andresen’s face as a young boy in the Italian film Morte a Venezia (or Death in Venice).


I just think his face is so lovely.

Too bad I didn’t have photos of the rest of the polyptych we did. The day we submitted the paintings, I didn’t have a camera with me. Back then, smartphone cameras suck.

My friends did different Hindu Deities like Vishnu, Shiva, and Parvati (I think) and combined them with other “deadly sins”.

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