Finished The Website!!!


I am going to keep filling it up every time I find the time from now on.

For now, I’m just glad I finally finished it. No codes, just drag-and-drop stuff, but I really started designing the website from nothing, no template at all (although there are countless Wix templates available, I just wanted to be unique or almost unique.).

Screenshot 2015-05-31 23.38.00_crop

screenshot of home page

I don’t have the budget to take down the ads and have my own domain name yet, though. But one day. . .

I also changed the wordpress theme I’m using so that this blog will fit in nicely with my website. I embedded this blog via html.

Here is my finished website! 😀


*update, as of March 6, 2016: I changed my URL because I feel like it’s too long and. .  . I don’t know, I just felt uncomfortable. the URL is now: 

Oh, and I also changed the design a bit.

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