Updates, Work in Progress/Processes

Since I am kind of on vacation, I think this is also the best time to do all of the things that I haven’t finished yet. I have a very long list in my head, but I am going to do the important stuff first. All the things that I won’t be able to do when I get back to work.

So last night, I remembered the newsletters I received from (the website builder). They have apps now end a lot of new things you can add to the site. So, I thought I should also get back to editing my old website. My old website was a different format (Adobe Flash? I don’t know much about these things) so I had to build a new one.

Old Site 1

Old Site 2

Wix is now on HTML5 – hahaha I even googled HTML5 but I’m not geek enough to get it all. I just noticed that it’s better than Flash.

Testing the HTML5 version last night

I’ll share the new website here when I’m finished.

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