An-Artwork-A-Day, Day 45: Tea with My Good Friend

An Artwork A Day, Daycraft Signature Sketchbook A5, Drawings

This is a very very very late post. . . about that time that my friend and I had an “Art Day” that happened last June 2.


My friend and I went to this cool branch of Prosperitea.

Prosperitea, (somewhere in) Las Pinas branch

(scroll down for more photos: just pardon the blurriness because my camera ain’t that good and my hands are shaky.)

at the back of the tea house (that’s my friend in pink)

each table has one of these decorative things







This is one of the cool old photographs that hung on the wall.







back inside. this is near the back door.




our table





I wish that fan wasn’t there. :)) and I wish I went closer so I could take a nicer photo. . . but I guess I was either busy drawing or thinking of what to draw.

found these on the bathroom wall.

I enjoyed my time and I’ll definitely visit the place again.

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