My Entries for “FACES” exhibit: “Bianca et Blanco”

Exhibit Entries, Featured

These are my two pieces for the exhibit: “FACES”,

The exhibit opened last May 22. (so, as you can see, this is indeed a very very late post. I had stitched together my high resolution scans before posting them. . . and I had laptop speed issues.) at A_Space Gallery in Makati City.

“Bianca”, 1 x 1 ft, mixed media


“Blanco”, 1 x 1 ft, mixed media

“Faces” is also the theme, obviously. Any face. We were allowed to have fun with it.  Then the measurement rule is 1 x 1 ft.

Because I am particularly fond of drawing/painting faces, I joined in. I found out about it from a friend.

It’s just too bad that I wasn’t really able to check the exhibit thoroughly (and maybe talk to the other artists) because I needed to catch the last train home. The event place was far from where I live.

Read more about the event here (the black fonts are the links):


(*I wasn’t in the pictures. I was late because I got kinda lost. haha. I had to catch the train so I literally ran after 15 minutes.)

A_Space Gallery website

These are the photos I took in my quick visit:

Too bad I can’t name these artists. As you can see, there are no captions beside each piece.

The pieces are still there right now, I think. For everyone who wants to check it out (and purchase art pieces –hopefully mine.). 🙂

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